The Origin Story…

Founders' Factory DAO
2 min readMay 18, 2022


Photo by Nong V on Unsplash

Every great idea starts with a great story. We think we’ve got both.

Founders Factory was formed by friends (TalkingTree, SwaggerStallion, Ruben__S, Haytsu, Khoshy, CryptoWallstreet, and BrownBear) in the NFT space working on various aspects of the Ascended project.

Through some learning experiences, we collectively realized projects were developing in silos and competing for the same resources to tackle the same problems (such as development, server setup and security, quality marketing, contract development and deployment).

For Ascended, once we survived mint, our resources would leave nothing left to co-develop and innovate with partner projects or give back to the space through mentorship. Not only was everyone on their own, but each project was also trapped into staying siloed and treating potential allies as competition.

We were falling prey to the dark underbelly of Web3 as a congested, predatory, and unregulated world. The antithesis of the vision that fuels the future. And quickly, we realized that the only way to make a change, was to band together and set a higher standard

Founders Factory’s value lies in providing quality utilities to minted and pre-mint projects, leveraging a network to provide amazing use cases for all projects involved. Through several discussions where friends were pulled from different areas of the space, we’ve realized this need is completely unmet. The resounding feedback we’ve received in our chats has been asking when we would deploy and when we would begin taking on clients; we realized we had to implement the idea as soon as possible.

From this, we formed our Mission

To Cultivate, Innovate, and Expand the Web3 We Deserve

Stay tuned for more…