We Need a Hero…

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2 min readMay 21, 2022




Not quite. 👇 is a trilemma…

Trilemma: trī-lĕm′ə : noun

A situation that requires a choice among three options that are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive.

Why bring this up? This situation, outlined by the diagram above, is the core to the future of Web3.

Trust, Efficiency, Network: conventional wisdom will tell you to pick 2 and hope for the best. At Founders Factory, we want to tackle all three.


In a decentralized, unregulated space, it is currently the responsibility of each individual to gauge and assess the veracity of claims, background, and motivations of any piece of information, project, and person. This is incredibly faulty, fallible, and exhausting; and DYOR is a lazy disclaimer. There has to be a better way.


There are innumerable ideas in the space all vying for exposure, marketshare, and money. Due to this plethora of voices, bad ideas are gaining traction while good ideas are drowned out. Missteps are extraordinarily costly.

Finding allies in the space to aid in marketing, mentorship, and project resources is a daunting endeavor. Our incubator projects have access to trusted mentors, shared utilities, and expert resources.

In return, our established network projects gain exposure to new ideas, an ever-growing holder base, and alpha on market trends supported by the growing list of upcoming incubator projects. The new ideas coming through our pipeline show the older projects what’s being asked of them within the Web3 space allowing everyone to keep a pulse on the rapidly evolving market while entrants to the space are able to learn from the wisdom of experience. Tradition with innovation.


In a traditional setup, each NFT project would be required to perfectly execute on art, offering, contract development, app/game coding, marketing, project management, and numerous other factors for only a chance at successfully minting. Even in Web2, sourcing each key resource, defining requirements, vetting candidates, and executing on a timeline is extraordinarily difficult and presents a broadside of reputation and monetary risk.

As the space evolves, consumers continue to demand greater utility with each offering in the form of staking rewards, yield generation, tokenization, and marketplace offerings.

Up Next…How we Solve This Trilemma.